[ome-users] Upgrade checking for OMERO server & Bio-Formats versions

Helen Flynn (Staff) h.flynn at dundee.ac.uk
Fri Mar 18 10:15:49 GMT 2016

Dear all,

We reported[1] last year that the version numbers for Bio-Formats and OMERO would no longer match. Bio-Formats is at 5.1 while OMERO is at 5.2. A side-effect of this decoupling is that the version reported by the upgrade checking functionality has been pinned down to 5.1.4 for both OMERO and Bio-Formats.

Concretely, this means OMERO system administrators will not receive an upgrade message in the server logs at the server startup if a new server is available and that Bio-Formats command-line tools users will not receive an upgrade warning about the latest Bio-Formats 5.1.x releases.

We will be working on upgrading our internal upgrade application to handle multiple component versions. In the meantime, we are hoping this loss of functionality does not affect any workflow significantly. Let us know otherwise.

Best regards,

The OME team

[1] http://blog.openmicroscopy.org/future-plans/community/2015/07/30/decoupling/

Dr Helen Flynn
OME Technical Writer
Centre for Gene Regulation & Expression
Open Microscopy Environment
University of Dundee

The University of Dundee is a registered Scottish Charity, No: SC015096
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