[ome-users] TEM montage metadata in .dm3 files

Nuno Goncalo Dias ngdias at ibmc.up.pt
Thu Apr 3 19:01:48 BST 2014


I submitted a Gatan file

acquired in montage mode using a TEM. This file has metadata information 
about the montage size and overlap, as read in FIJI:

root.ImageList.1.ImageTags.Montage.Acquisition.Number of X Steps = 7
root.ImageList.1.ImageTags.Montage.Acquisition.Number of Y Steps = 8
root.ImageList.1.ImageTags.Montage.Acquisition.Overlap between images 
(%) = 14.999999

And this is what I get from OME now:

Number of X Steps	8.388608E7
Number of Y Steps	1.34217728E8
Overlap between images (%)	14.999999046325684

The number of X and Y steps is clearly wrong; the overlap is 15% and 
there really is no need/point in having that many decimal places.

There might be other information in this file that is not included in 
your current data model, but these 3 items are all I need at the moment. 
You're welcome to go through the rest of the metadata and add more 
fields to the model, of course.

I'd like to receive updates on this issue, particularly when a fix 
becomes implemented. At that time, it would be nice to see a code 
example for reading these values.

Thank you,

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