[ome-users] 100 % CPU Usage on 6 Cores for 3 Days

Kunis, Susanne Susanne.Kunis at Biologie.Uni-Osnabrueck.DE
Tue Jun 18 12:16:21 BST 2019

Dear Mark,

You are right, the problems are caused by changes we have made locally. 
Sorry for the extra unnecessary work. And many thanks - We have learned a lot to deal better with such problems in the future.


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On 5/28/19 1:41 PM, Andreas Mueller wrote:

 >    I've done the job once more, but probably the results are similary.

These turn out to be rather more fruitful, thank you. Many server threads seem tied up in CellSensReader.readTags and, in looking at Bio-Formats 5.9.2 (used by OMERO 5.4.10) to figure out why, the line numbers of the trace from your jstack don't make sense against the source code. I don't know what the OMERO.server-5.4.10-e3 means for your version but are you using a different OME release of Bio-Formats with OMERO or maybe your problems are being caused by changes to CellSensReader made at Osnabrück's end?


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