[ome-users] OME Files 0.6.0 release

Roger Leigh rleigh at codelibre.net
Sun Jun 9 16:05:20 BST 2019

Dear all,

I am pleased to announce the release of OME Files, version 0.6.0.

This release comprises the following components:

ome-files (super-project) 	0.6.0 
ome-common-cpp 	6.0.0 
ome-model 	6.0.0 <https://gitlab.com/codelibre/ome-model/tags/v6.0.0>
ome-files-cpp 	0.6.0 
ome-files-view 	6.0.0 
ome-files-performance 	0.3.0 
ome-files-py 	0.3.0 <https://gitlab.com/codelibre/ome-files-py/tags/v0.3.0>

Please follow the links for a summary of the changes in each component.

  Platform support

  * C++14 is the minimum required language version; C++17 may be
    optionally used when available.
  * Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 and 2019 are now supported.
  * LLVM 6 is now supported
  * GCC up to version 9 is supported; GCC 9 does not currently work with
    C++17 builds, due to an incompatible change in std::filesystem

  New and updated features

  * Support has been added for reading and writing OME-TIFF images with
    sub-resolutions (pyramids).
  * Support for handling OME-TIFF files with missing TiffData planes has
    been improved.
  * Support for handling OME-TIFF files with separate companion metadata
    files been improved.
  * The Boost libraries have been made optional; some header-only Boost
    libraries are still required, but will be removed in a future release.
      o Use the CMake option -Dfilesystem=standard|boost|qt5to choose
        between std::filesystem, Boost.Filesystem or a Qt5-based equivalent.
      o Use the CMake option -Doptions=boost|qt5to choose between
        Boost.ProgramOptions or Qt5 Core options handling.
  * The Xerces-C++ and Xalan-C++ libraries have been made optional, and
    can be replaced by the Qt5 Xml and XmlPatterns libraries, respectively.
      o Use -Dxmldom=xerces|qt5to choose the XML DOM implementation.
      o In this release, XSLT transforms are only supported with
        Xerces-C++ and Xalan-C++; model upgrades and downgrades are not
        functional with Qt5.
  * The OME Common XML, XSLT and units support have been split into
    separate (optional) libraries, which will be built depending upon
    the configuration options above. These are named /ome-xerces-util/,
    /ome-xalan-util/ and /ome-unit-types/, respectively.

  Infrastructure changes

Continuous integration testing is performed on GitLab, testing on 
FreeBSD, Linux, MacOS X and Windows platforms in a number of different 
build configurations, including C++14 and C++17 variants, with Boost or 
Qt, and with Python 3 or Python 2.


I would like to thank Damir Sudar and Michel Nederlof of Quantitative 
Imaging Systems, LLC for funding the completion of both the OME-TIFF 
sub-resolution pyramid feature, and the work to replace Boost with Qt5.  
Additionally, thanks to Olivier de Gaalon and Renato Araujo at KDAB for 
their collaboration and testing of these changes.


For any support requests, questions or general discussion, please use 
the ome-files <https://forum.image.sc/tags/ome-files> tag on the 
image.sc <https://forum.image.sc/> forums.  For any bug reports, GitLab 
issues may be created for any of the software components.

Many thanks to all the contributors to this release.

Kind regards,


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