[ome-users] Trouble with compression using Bio Formats

Balaji Ramalingam (Staff) b.ramalingam at dundee.ac.uk
Thu Mar 17 13:52:53 GMT 2016


Thank you for submitting your file,
Am afraid, we currently do not support this codec/compression type in the video and I have filed a ticket on this regard,

and you have been added to the CC list.
Notifications will be sent to your email id, when there is a status change on the ticket.

For the time being these are the codecs/compression types that we support for '.avi' files,

As a temporary solution, you could use some video converter to save the files in one of the above mentioned codecs and try reimporting the video into FIJI, using Bio-Formats. It would also help if you could check, if your acquisition camera can capture and save the video in one of these supported codecs.

Hope that helps.



Mr Balaji Ramalingam

Software Developer

OME Team

College of Life Sciences

University of Dundee

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Subject: [ome-users] Trouble with compression using Bio Formats


The attached .avi file will not open using Bio Formats. I am relatively new to formatting videos so I may be missing something simple. I have tried converting it to a different type using VLC, and I have Fiji with Bio Formats plugin installed.



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