[ome-users] OME.Tiff images

Andrew Patterson ajpatterson at lifesci.dundee.ac.uk
Tue Feb 11 11:43:40 GMT 2014


Thanks for your enquiry. I am copying this to our users mailing list to see if anyone can help.

On 10 Feb 2014, at 22:14, chandrasekaran.vasudevan at thermofisher.com wrote:
> Hello- I am looking to get some OME.Tiff images from multi-well plates or slides. Is there a repository of these? I tried your public repository of OME.Tiff images, but could not find any. Thanks.

While we maintain a large collection of images in many formats this is private data provided to us for testing purposes only. When people ask us for sample files we usually point them at the JCB DataViewer:


This is based on OMERO and users can download many of the datasets in OME-TIFF format under Creative Commons licence.

Unfortunately due to the large size of the data it is not possible to download complete plates, only the individual well images.

What do you need the images for?

I do have a couple of artificial files containing dummy data in OME-XML format. These are hand written small files that show how to structure plate metadata, but have no real image data. They can be used to test reader code but not much else.
This file would have 1 screen, 1 plate, 4 wells per plate, 2 well samples (fields) per well.



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