[ome-users] Sporadic errors on *.lsm images - duplicated by Will

Taylor, Ronald C ronald.taylor at pnl.gov
Mon Sep 20 19:26:23 BST 2010


Thanks. Glad to have the error pinned down further. From what you say, I would infer that the problem is not my particular install of OMERO on our Mac server, but instead a interaction between our LSM files from the instrument here and the current particular 4.2.0 release of OMERO.

I'll talk to my colleagues and see if we'll wait till rel 4.2.1 for the fix or if they want me to do a new install from the current trunk.


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Hi Ron,

  I just tried your imports on a 4.2 server and got the same error.
I also tried in on the latest trunk server and it worked fine (see screenshot).

So, you could wait for the 4.2.1 release or upgrade to the current builds from hudson http://hudson.openmicroscopy.org.uk/job/OMERO-trunk/



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