[ome-users] Best practise OMERO.server configuartion

Russell Sim russell.sim at monash.edu
Tue Aug 17 23:58:47 BST 2010


We have just finished deploying an OMERO server at Monash University and i was hoping to get some feedback about the best practise for deploying in a production environment. The PostgreSQL database is hosted on the local machine but the OMERO repository is hosted on a large file store accessed via NFS. I have quickly realised that the Thumbnails and FullText folders should be stored on the local disk, but it seems that this won't work for Pixel and Files due to size constraints. There is another gotcha where our large file store is using HSM, so files might be either on disk or tape.

Have other people had success hosting in similar environments involving NFS? I'm quite concerned about latency.

Have other people had success backing the OMERO FS onto HSM enabled storage?

I have also had to increase the Blitz heap space to 768M to prevent OutOfMemoryErrors. 

We also received a lot of errors trying to load images specifically, loci.formats.FormatException: Buffer too small
The errors seemed to be similar to http://trac.openmicroscopy.org.uk/omero/ticket/2380 but i'm not sure they are related because the images we were loading were tif's not liff's, and i am still trying to find out what machine the tif was made on.


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