[ome-users] Web interface on ubuntu

Alex Sossick ajs17 at cam.ac.uk
Fri Aug 13 16:14:48 BST 2010

Excellent, thanks for that, it solved the problem

In answer to why I am switching from mac to ubuntu apart from this web
problem the installation of the 3rd party software was really easy.


Bernhard Holländer at bernhard.hollaender at gmail.com wrote on 13/8/10 14:57:

> Hi Alex,
>> So still the problem persists, basically http://localhost/webadmin appears
>> fine, but with the correct log in details the log in page just reloads
>> itself
> I've seen a similar problem, though on a different platform. It was
> due to a broken django cache. In
> omero_install_folder/lib/python/omeroweb/settings.py there is a django
> cache defined CACHE_BACKEND = 'file:///var/tmp/django_cache'. Delete
> that folder it will be recreated - at least that helped to solve my
> issues.
> Cheers, Bernhard

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