[ome-users] General questions

Gerald Fontenay fontenay at hpcrd.lbl.gov
Thu Mar 24 19:19:52 GMT 2005

Hi there,

FYI, I just installed the latest stable version, 2.4.0, on SUSE Linux 
9.1 and it went well after several iterations of dropping the old 2.2 
ome db and removing files from /opt/OME-IMAGES.  All required packages 
appear to have been installed from the previous 2.2 install.

My first question is this: how are users expected to be able to use SQL 
without going through whatever OME interfaces exist? Is this envisaged, 
at all? Regarding table creation, I know new database tables are created 
from semantic type definitions. I'm somewhat fine with that step if  I 
could be shown an example of m:n relationship that made sense to me. If 
I look at plates and screens, for example, I see plate ST and screen ST 
and their respective tables. Now since there is an m:n relationship, so 
I see plate_screen ST, fine, of course. What I don't see are key 
references in the database table plate_screen_map to plates and screens. 
I find this a bit disorienting. Are such constraints maintained in the 
software infrastructure? This puts in doubt being able to do inserts, e.g..

My second question is this: where can  I find an example  of  java  OME 
API code that would, say, allow me to query and update the database on 
some m:n relationship of semantic types?


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