[ome-users] Re: [ome-devel] List usage

Chris Allan callan at blackcat.ca
Wed Mar 23 11:32:43 GMT 2005

In addition, as some of you will have noticed, a new list ("ome-users") has
been created for user support requests and generic questions. Messages that
were sent to "ome-devel at lists.openmicroscopy.org.uk" should now be sent to
"ome-users at lists.openmicroscopy.org.uk" unless you have re-subscribed to
"ome-devel" and that message is related to OME development.



On Tue, Mar 22, 2005 at 11:36:02AM +0000, Jason Swedlow wrote:
> Hi to all-- 
> Many of you have noticed the dearth of traffic on this list.  In fact, 
> the OME core developers have used another list, OME Nitpick.  This is a 
> closed list, which doesn't help the larger group see the work going on 
> on the project.  We will therefore be moving all of our technical 
> discussions to this list, the OME Developers list.  Note that you will 
> see an increase in traffic volume.  If you want to adjust the volume of 
> mail you see, get digests etc, just follow the link at the bottom of 
> this email. 
> Cheers, 
> Jason 

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