[ome-devel] Bioformats Continuous Integration Smell Report

Roger Leigh rleigh at codelibre.net
Sat Aug 18 20:25:35 BST 2018

On 18/08/18 19:24, Carmine Vassallo wrote:

> Or do you know that the branch "east" has last synced with the master 
> branch last February, and the master branch has commits that are 11.99 
> weeks newer than that?

I looked into some of the statistics, and when investigating noticed 
that the master branch of bioformats:

% git show origin/master
commit 4d0f6757bed4e9b219ee9bfac575f1e924d9a2b9 (origin/master)
Merge: 5d5c127e3d 05840624ab
Author: Sebastien Besson <seb.besson at gmail.com>
Date:   Mon Sep 7 12:45:37 2015 +0100

hasn't been updated since the 5.1.4 release in 2015.  Is this 
intentional, or an oversight in the release process?  Should it be 
updated for 5.9.1?


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