[ome-devel] Email Util Design

Douglas Russell douglas.russell at bioch.ox.ac.uk
Sat Nov 23 16:48:51 GMT 2013


Posted this on the wrong list initially, please follow up here.

I'm adding an email announcement page to the admin tabs in the web client.
Chris mentioned there was a desire to add more email capability to the CLI
so I've implemented the web app to use an email sending back-end in utils.

I've already written the actual email sending functions in utils, but now
there are some design decisions to make.

*OMERO Connection in Utils*
Is it desired that utils are not dependant on an OMERO connection? The web
client interface I've designed offers an admin the opportunity to select
all-users, some groups, some users and there is a text field for arbitrary
cc. I can do the resolution of omeName/id and groupId to sets of email
addresses in the webclient code, but if it would be useful, I can put it in
utils instead? Obviously this relies on having an OMERO connection in the
utils, I would just pass it in from the calling function.

The current configuration parameters are for the web:

omero.web.server_email "webmaster at example.com"
omero.web.email_host "email.example.com"
omero.web.email_host_user "username"
omero.web.email_host_password "password"
omero.web.email_host_port "2255"
omero.web.email_use_tls "True"
omero.web.email_subject_prefix "Subject prefix for outgoing e-mail"


   1. Use these settings everywhere (wont make much sense)
   2. Define additional settings (bit clumsy)
   3. Change these setttings to more general ones and have the web use
   those (more work and requires config changes on existing servers).

Also, obviously the web currently has the capability to send email. Should
this be modified to use this generic email system?


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