[ome-devel] ome-devel Digest, Vol 104, Issue 3

Munro, Ian i.munro at imperial.ac.uk
Wed Nov 14 12:42:27 GMT 2012

Thanks Melissa that's really helpful.

So from what you are saying the software they're using to do the conversion to OME-tiff needs updating?
If you think this would give a solution then I can get back to the lab in question  & ask them to check for updates from LaVision?



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> Hi Ian,
> Just taking this discussion back to the list now that I have one of the files.
> The issue is that all of the useful metadata in these files is stored as
> CustomAttributes (now called StructuredAnnotations, but these files
> still use the 2008-02 schema).  CustomAttributes aren't reliably parsed
> out as "original metadata", which is why you don't see the
> original_metadata.txt annotation.  I have filed a ticket for this here:
> http://trac.openmicroscopy.org.uk/ome/ticket/9905
> Once that ticket is resolved, you would be able to check for the
> "ImspectorVersion" tag in original_metadata.txt, as mentioned in a
> private email.
> Regards,
> -Melissa

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