[ome-devel] OME-tif & original_metadata.xml Now you see it...

Munro, Ian i.munro at imperial.ac.uk
Tue Nov 6 14:37:54 GMT 2012

Hi All 

I''ve been sent a batch of OME-tif files from another group.
These have been generated using an instrument manufacturers own software.

I have imported the files into OMERO via the insight client & am now trying to work with them from there.

Some of the imported images have an annotation called original metdadata.txt which contains a very minimal amount of information.

Others don't seem to have any annotation at all.!

Frustratingly,when I open the original OME-tifs, using a text-editor, the ones that import with no annotation seem to have a readable xml looking  header.
The ones that import with an annotation aren't readable in a text editor.

I ned some way of determining whether a given image comes from this particular instrument.
For those images  with original_metadata.txr annotation I can look in there.

For the other files, however, I'm baffled.  Any suggestions welcome.



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