[ome-devel] Permissions Groups

Josh Moore josh at glencoesoftware.com
Mon Mar 15 13:42:41 GMT 2010

Shawn Garbett writes:
 > I have learned that the group permissions for the latest version of
 > OMERO is a work in progress. Is there any workaround I can do at
 > present to share out my image stacks to our group as a whole? SQL?

Hi Shawn,

Other than the use of shares (i.e. the shopping basket functionality
in the web client), there's no way with 4.1 to safely re-enable
sharing within a group. It can be done at the SQL level, but we will
not be able to guarantee that the 4.2 database upgrade will cleanly
apply to your system. In short, we recommend against it.

Hopefully, we will start providing preview versions of the 4.2
permissions system within the next month. This may or may not be an
option for your users, but we'll keep you posted in case you would
like to get involved.


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