[ome-devel] DB patch increase to OMERO4.2-DEV__1

josh.moore at gmx.de josh.moore at gmx.de
Mon Mar 15 08:30:45 GMT 2010

I've just committed a few minor modifications to the db schema for
testing. The new version is `OMERO4.2-DEV__1`. As with other internal
DEV releases, official upgrade scripts are not provided and we suggest
using a fresh database for testing trunk.

For developers who just want a quick start,  the sql script below
SHOULD be sufficient but use at your own risk!


alter table image add column mimetype varchar(255);
alter table image add column partial bool;
create table parsejob (
    params bytea,
    job_id int8 not null,
    primary key (job_id)
alter table roi add column ns varchar(255);
alter table roi add column keywords varchar(255);
insert into dbpatch (currentVersion, currentPatch,   previousVersion,     previousPatch)
             values ('OMERO4.2-DEV', 1,              'OMERO4.2-DEV',      0);

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