[ome-devel] Initial work on server-side ROI types in trunk

josh.moore at gmx.de josh.moore at gmx.de
Thu Apr 9 10:31:42 BST 2009

I just commited initial support for server-side regions of interests
to trunk (#1305). Anyone working from trunk will need the latest
database: (OMERO4-DEV__2). The ROI definitions are still a work in
progress, but in order to bootstrap the whole workflow from importing
rois from data files to showing them to users, we have to start

For a quick overview, see:


On the server-side, the next steps will be to allow intelligent
querying over the geometric shapes (#1306) and finally supporting
measurement and other server-side actions on them (#1307). Our goal is
to have as much of these finished for 4.1 as possible, but depending
on as yet unseen uses for these types, the goal may have to be pushed.

For example, there are still some open questions for discussion:

 * Should the text element simply be another shape with a single x/y
   coordinate rather than fields on all shapes?

 * How do ordering and grouping work together?

 * The format of Poly{gon,line}.points in SVG is
   "X0,Y0 X1,Y1". In our XSD it's "(X0 Y0, X Y1)" We'll need to make a
   similar decision on the form for Paths.

 * Colors: SVG supports 5! different representations:
   Three digit hex : #rgb with each 0-F
   Six digit hex : #rrggbb with each 00-FF
   Integer functional : rgb(rrr, ggg, bbb) with each 0-255
   Float functional : rgb(R%, G%, B%) with each 0.0-100.0
   Color keyword : red, blue, black, ...

 * Mask.{width,height} - How are these interpreted if
   MaskPixels.size{X,Y} differ?

We look forward to your feedback and wishlists!

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