[ome-devel] CSHL/WT Genome Informatics Meeting-- including Image Informatics!!!!

Jason Swedlow jason at lifesci.dundee.ac.uk
Sun Jun 27 11:54:49 BST 2004


I am writing to alert you to an upcoming meeting, entitled "Genome 
Informatics", organized by Lincoln Stein, Suzi Lewis, and Ewan Birney.  
The meeting is a a joint Cold Spring Harbor Lab/Wellcome Trust affair, 
and will be held at the Trust's Conference Center at Hinxton, just 
outside of Cambridge, England, Sept 22 - 26, 2004, starting with a 
session Wednesday evening and ending on Sunday morning.  More info is 
at: http://meetings.cshl.org/2004/2004infouk.htm.

Genome Informatics???  Why should you care???

Well, the organizers, in their wisdom, have taken a broad view of 
genome informatics and are including sessions of functional 
informatics.  One of the sessions will specifically look at image 
annotation and analysis.  Pretty cool, huh?

Obviously, imaging is an emerging area for systems biology and new 
informatics solutions are necessary to deal with this data.  The field 
is in its infancy now but is starting to grow rapidly.   In your own 
research, many of you are using image-based screening or systems-level 
analysis using imaging. As such, the session comes at an ideal time to 
assess where our field is and where we need to go.

I am chairing this session and therefore am therefore asking you or 
someone from your lab, to submit an abstract on the techniques you are 
developing to enable image-based screening, systems-level image 
analysis, and other image-based analysis schemes.  For the purposes of 
this session, we will focus less on cell engineering and data 
acquistion and more on the tools required to turn large numbers of 
images into biological understanding.  A major goal will be to separate 
the wheat from the chaff!

This meeting is run in a "Cold Spring Harbor" manner, which means the 
abstracts are completely open - anyone can send an abstract in. Each 
submitter is asked to state a preference of poster or talk.  All talks 
in this session will be chosen from the abstracts.

I am sending this announcement to as many people as possible, but 
please do forward to friends, colleagues, lists, etc.  See the meeting 
web site for details on abstract submission.  Abstracts are due June 
30, 2004.

Hope to see you in Hinxton!!!!!



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