[ome-devel] install query

Ilya Goldberg igg at nih.gov
Wed Jun 23 14:36:03 BST 2004

On Jun 23, 2004, at 5:11 AM, Fu, Yao wrote:

> Hi All,
> Finally I installed new OME release on a RedHat9.0.
> Two perl modules from OME CVS server need to be replaced by older 
> version.
> XML:LibXML 1.58 doesn't work with libxml2-2.5.4-1, download XML::LibXML
> 1.56, install OK.
> And XML:LibXSLT 1.53 is a working version.
A better solution would have been to upgrade your libxml2 library by 
using an RPM for your distribution, but either way is OK.

> But when I launched OME, created a project, imported 3 TIFF images, 
> import
> tasks are hanging there. Here is tasks message,
> Task              Status      Message           Error   Last step   N 
> steps
> Importing images   IN PROGRESS   Starting import              1        
>     6
> 3534
> I let it working for a whole night, it still displays this status. How 
> can I
> solve this problem?

Well it definitely doesn't take a whole night.  Can you confirm that 
your system works well enough to import all of these test images:

The first one is a single-plane 16-bit tiff.  The last 3 are planes 
from a multi-channel tiff, which OME will combine into a single 
multi-channel image if you import them together (make sure that %20%20 
ends up as two spaces in the filename after you download).

The tiff importer shipped with this release is somewhat limited in 
terms of the kinds of tiffs it will import.  It will not work with RGB 
tiffs, and it will not work with tiffs other than 8 or 16 bit per 
pixel.  The importer in the current CVS (the OME_2_2 branch) will do 
RGB tiffs and 12-bit tiffs (i.e. packed 12 bits, not just 12 'good' 
bits in a 16-bit tiff).

One thing that would be helpful would be to send back the output of the 
tiffinfo program for your tiff:
 > tiffinfo myTiff.tiff

Lets continue this off-list to avoid clogging it up.


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