[ome-devel] Install issues

Ilya Goldberg igg at nih.gov
Wed Jun 9 16:22:48 BST 2004

On Jun 8, 2004, at 12:25 PM, Traver Hart wrote:

> For the record, we're installing on SuSE
> 9.
> when I compile, OMEIS makes and installs, then OME
> dies with this error in PerlModuleTask.log:
I assume you mean the OME installer dies (install.pl).

>  WARNING:  libtiff must be installed !      (**it is)
The warning is issued regardless wether you have libtiff installed (it 
doesn't actually check at this point).

> while running setgid.
>  make: *** [pm_to_blib] Error 29

I'm curious where you're actually installing from.  The installer is 
designed to work from a directory owned by an administrative user (i.e. 
an otherwise regular user that can "sudo").  This directory shouldn't 
be setgid.  All of the OME directories that the installer creates (/OME 
by default) are setgid.  Can you send back ls -ld . from wherever you 
unpacked the OME archive (the directory that contains install.pl).
Another possible problem is that the permissions are messed up on the 
installer.  Can you send the results of ls -l install.pl (and ls -l 
/usr/bin/perl for good measure).
It seems that either the directory you are running from has a setgid 
bit or somehow a setgid bit snuck in when executing the installer.  You 
ran the installer script by using the command:
 > sudo perl install.pl
As a regular user in a regular user's directory, right?


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