[FLIMfit-users] Release of FLIMfit 5.0.3

Sean Warren s.warren at garvan.org.au
Tue Jun 6 08:26:44 BST 2017

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce the release of FLIMfit 5.0.3, available for download at http://flimfit.org/downloads/latest.
Please note that we have updated to Matlab Runtime 2016b, Mac users will need to install the new runtime, available from the downloads page.

A guide to using FLIMfit to analyse multiphoton FLIM data with tutorial videos is available in a recent paper, Conway, JRW, Warren, SC & Timpson, P, Methods (2017)<https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ymeth.2017.04.014>

New features

*         New segmentation manager with new freehand tool options and improved performance.

*         Ability to estimate IRF from a mono-exponential reference using an exponentially modified gaussian model. This can produce a high quality IRF for TCSPC detectors without secondary peaks or significant afterpulsing.

*         Add support for Picoquant HydraHarp and TimeHarp data files.

*         Add support for data acquired during bidirectional scan.

*         Where possible determine repetition rate from data (currently ptu/pt3 files).
Performance Enhancements

*         Significantly improved loading times for some data formats.

*         Added option to display smoothed data in the decay tab. When off, this significantly reduces the time to switch between datasets.

*         This option does not affect smoothing during data fitting.

*         Improved performance selecting/deselecting images to fit.

*         Update to Bioformats 5.4.
Other Enhancements

*         Add option to plot weighted or unweighted values in plotter.

*         Visual enhacements to plotter.

*         Enable plotting by image number.

*         Allow setting default Gate Max value.

*         Improved support for older MacOS X versions (10.9.x).
Bug fixes

*         Allow t0 shift map estimation from any loaded dataset (rather than first only)

*         Fix crash when fitting t0 and offset locally

Kind Regards,
Dr Sean Warren, Garvan Institute of Medical Research
Dr Ian Munro, Photonics Group, Imperial College, London

Dr. Sean Warren | Research Officer
Invasion and Metastasis
Cancer Division
Garvan Institute of Medical Research
The Kinghorn Cancer Centre, 370 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst, NSW 2010

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