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Munro, Ian i.munro at imperial.ac.uk
Sat Apr 16 10:42:07 BST 2016

Dear Susana

I’m afraid it’s not clear to me  why this is so time-consuming so the following may not be of much help.
However a few things that may be of use are:

Are you aware that the Bio-Formats Matlab Toolbox allows you to write ome-tiffs directly from Matlab?
See https://downloads.openmicroscopy.org/bio-formats/5.1.8/ and we can provide example code if needed/

FLIMfit  can load multiple files using the File-> Load FLIM Dataset menu item and process them all
in the same way so you could generate a large number of ome-tiffs and then process them in a single step.

Also, please be aware that the source code is available from https://github.com/imperial-photonics/FLIMfit
so you could, in theory simply call the c++ back end from matlab.

There is an example file at https://github.com/imperial-photonics/FLIMfit/blob/master/FLIMfitFrontEnd/minimal_example.m
but I’m not sure how recently that has been updated so it may well need some work.

Best Wishes


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