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Jäälinoja, Harri Tapio harri.jaalinoja at helsinki.fi
Wed May 11 11:07:25 BST 2016


I uploaded some Thermo CellInsight plate data to OMERO 5.2.3, and noticed that there is a problem with the well column index. The wells are numbered A01 -> H12, but OMERO webclient viewer seems to think the index starts from A00, and shifts the wells to the right. Here are some screenshots to show what I mean:


In case of a full plate, the right-most column is not shown at all.

hajaalin at dhcp-asv-66:~/tmp$ ls LMU-CELLINSIGHT_151117170001/|head -2
hajaalin at dhcp-asv-66:~/tmp$ ls LMU-CELLINSIGHT_151117170001/|tail -7

As you see in omero_cellomics.png, part of the code has the index right. There "General" tab on the right shows E04 when viewer says E5. Same goes for field index.

I have also a feature request related to the viewer: would it be difficult to show a montage of the fields of a given well? It wouldn't even have to be a real stiched image.

Best regards,



Harri Jäälinoja

Light Microscopy Unit

Institute of Biotechnology

University of Helsinki
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