[ome-users] convert .lif file with bfconvert

Michael Meuli michael.meuli at gmail.com
Thu May 29 10:40:48 BST 2014

I've converted my .lif file
with "./bfconvert /path/to/wt-dead-A.lif output_series_%s.ome.tiff"
and it produces the expected files (20 multi-channel-z-stacks), which
I can open with Fiji.
The problem is that ./SCIFIOTestDriver itkSCIFIOImageIOTest
/path/to/output_series_0.ome.tiff /path/to/scifiotest.ome.tiff
(and my little program) throws an exception. Whereas
(taken from http://www.openmicroscopy.org/site/support/bio-formats5/developers/generating-test-images.html)
I guess the problem is the dimension order which seems not to be XYZCT
as with multi-channel-z-series.ome.tif, but something like XYCZT.
How do I use bfconvert the correct way for my case?

Best regards

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