[ome-users] import error

Josh Moore josh at glencoesoftware.com
Mon Jan 21 09:38:55 GMT 2013

On Jan 18, 2013, at 9:54 PM, Damir Sudar wrote:

> Hi,

Hi Damir,

> Using the Insight Importer I get the error below with one specific large
> (3.8GB) LSM file acquired using a Zeiss LSM710. The file has 3 color
> channels, 26 Z planes, and is 5120 by 5120 pixels (we used 5 x 5 tiling).
> I'll be happy to upload the file somewhere if you have a site that will
> accept a ~4GB upload. Note that other (somewhat smaller LSM files acquired
> the same way import fine. The offending file is just a bit bigger but ZEN
> has no trouble with it.
> Enclosed is the log file that describes my environment. Server runs on
> Ubuntu 12.04LTS with Java 1.7.0_u11 (all 64-bit).
> Any suggestions?

This isn't something I've seen before. What type of file system do you have OMERO running on? Also, would it be possible to also get the server log, and possibly the output of master.err and master.out?


> Thanks,
> - Damir

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