[ome-users] HCS omero-cli import problem

Chris Allan callan at lifesci.dundee.ac.uk
Fri Aug 6 14:03:24 BST 2010

On 5 Aug 2010, at 16:41, <b.gerritsen at nki.nl> <b.gerritsen at nki.nl> wrote:

> Dear all,

Hi Bram.

> When specifying an image name, ALL images in a plate get the same name. I think it is preferable for only the plate to get a different name while the images retain their regular well names (e.g. "A01"). This was actually the case in one of the development revisions of omero (around revision 6700?).

It's certainly not the intention, when importing a screen to override all the Image names. That's definitely a bug.

> I had written a custom import program which used custom plate names to enable omero to be linked with another software project. Now my importer is broken because the meaning of "userSpecifiedImageName" has changed.

A ticket for the review of all of this as it applies to screening datasets is here:


We'd be happy to take into account any usage you're currently making. Do you have the code available?

> Will the omero importer cli and api be updated to include an option to give a custom name to a plate during import?

We'll certainly look at the best usage for the command line arguments and the API for the 4.2.1 patch release for which ticket #2648 is scheduled.

> Kind Regards,
> Bram


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