[ome-users] ldap groups not working, turn off debug messages

Kent Nasveschuk knasveschuk at mbl.edu
Sat Nov 7 11:46:25 GMT 2009


I have 2 questions. Using Beta4.1.0 

1 - I have LDAP authentication working (creates an account on initial auth) however it doesn't work with groups yet. I added: 
bin/omero config set omero.ldap.groups OmeroUsers 
restart server 

I've created a group: cn=OmeroUsers in LDAP and put my cn=kent as memberUid=kent 

I was able to login without adding the omero.ldap.groups=OmeroUsers, but can't now. Is there something missing? Does the group need to have the full DN of the user or do I need to have the full DN of the group to allow access? 

2 - Django logs writing DEBUG info, how to disable. 

in lib/python/omeroweb/settings.py: 

# Debuging mode. 
# A boolean that turns on/off debug mode. 
# For logging configuration please change 'LEVEL = logging.INFO' below 
# NEVER DEPLOY a site into production with DEBUG turned on. 
DEBUG = False # handler404 and handler500 works only when False 

I'm assuming "DEBUG = False" is off, but logs are still showing DEBUG messages, in particular clear text passwords. How do I turn this off? 

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