[ome-users] more detailed install docs?

Björn Quast bquast at evolution.uni-bonn.de
Wed Jun 10 22:24:39 BST 2009


after my last try to install omero.v4 server on SuSE I now have set up an 
Ubuntu test system, but I am stepping from pitfall to pitfall. 

So in this process I figured out, that:
- Ubuntu 80.4 seems not to work because of older Ice-Packages.
- I need to use different passwords in "bin/omero config set omero.db.pass" and 
"bin/omero db script". I guess it is right to have the same password for the 
postgres database and "bin/omero config set omero.db.pass".
- When "bin/omero admin start" fails it is necessary to stop it again with  
"bin/omero admin stop" otherwise the icegridnode-daemon is locked
- I need to login with the username root and the password set in "bin/omero db 

It might really help newbies like me if at least a hint for setting the 
different passwords in different skripts is given on the install-web-site.

Now I will try to find out how to use omero. Hmm, hope it works for me.


Dr. Björn Quast
Universität Bonn
Institut für Evolutionsbiologie und Ökologie  
53121 Bonn
Tel.: 0228/735758   email: bquast at evolution.uni-bonn.de
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