[ome-users] General questions

Andrea Falconi a.falconi at dundee.ac.uk
Fri Mar 25 13:02:22 GMT 2005

>> My second question is this: where can  I find an example  of  java  OME 
>> API code that would, say, allow me to query and update the database on 
>> some m:n relationship of semantic types?
> Maybe somebody else can pick this up.

As far as I know, we currently have no code on the java side that deals with 
a many-to-many relationship between two STs.  However, we will have to write 
some code to handle Screens and Plates.  This is going to be part of the 
upcoming release of the new browser (HI Viewer), which will allow you to 
visually navigate Project/Dataset/Image, Category Group/Category/Image, and 
Screen/Plate/Image hierarchies.

This code will appear under the Shoola tree, in the 



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