[ome-devel] Original Metadata Tab in OMERO.web

Rubén Muñoz ruben.munoz at embl.de
Mon Nov 21 14:55:38 GMT 2011

Dear OMERO developers, 

We have a running installation of the latest version of OMERO at EMBL. 
A colleague is now having an installation in production for individual experiments.
He reports very satisfied with the formats support and the ImageJ plugin. It's a great combination.

When I recently connected to see some ScanR images in the SPW representation, I realized that the tab 'Original Metadata'  is not there anymore. 
In OMERO.web and OMERO.Insigth that was a drop-down the right menu.

I believe that the tab was there but please correct me if I am wrong. 

Is there a way to see this information? All the ScanR imported metadata cannot be accessed neither with OMERO.web or OMERO.Insight 

Thanks a lot and best regards,


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