[ome-devel] OME and OMERO: Release of OMERO3.0-Beta2.3

Jason Swedlow jason at lifesci.dundee.ac.uk
Thu Dec 20 18:36:39 GMT 2007


The OME project is pleased to announce the release of OMERO3.0- 
Beta2.3.  OMERO3 is a Java Enterprise application designed for the  
management and visualization of digital microscopy data.  OMERO3  
includes both server and client applications that install on most  
operating systems.  OMERO.server ships with a JBOSS Application  
Server, PostgreSQL RDMS, and uses three client applications: Java- 
based OMERO.insight and OMERO.importer, and a web browser-based  

All OMERO resources are available at the OME software download page:  

Docs and Help
For new initiates, User Guides for OMERO client applications are  
included with the client packages.  Do have a look and forward any  
questions (see below).  (***NOTE: The User Guides are still for  
Beta2.2, Updates are coming***).

Screencast videos showing installation and use are at http:// 
(***NOTE:  these movies show the Beta2.2 clients and server.  There  
is new functionality, especially in the clients, in Beta-2.3 that is  
not yet shown-- we'll make new videos after the holidays. WE NEED A  

OMERO.server installation on OS X is by Mac packages and should be  
automatic.  There are manual install instructions for Linux and OS X  
geeks.  (***NOTE:  Automatic package install on OS X 10.5 Leopard is  
not yet supported, but OMERO.server can be installed manually and  
run-- thanks to Steve Ogg for help on this).

OMERO on Windows
We have always released OMERO clients for Windows; we now have tested  
OMERO.server on Windows! (Thanks to Carlos Neves for help on this!).   
See https://trac.openmicroscopy.org.uk/omero/wiki/OmeroInstallWindows

Upgrading the Database
PLEASE NOTE:  Upgrading an OMERO.server  to Beta-2.3 requires an  
update of the database.  See http://trac.openmicroscopy.org.uk/omero/ 
wiki/OmeroUpgrade for more info.

OMERO.server Upgrade notification
We've added our first automatic upgrade notification to  
OMERO.server.  More details, see http://trac.openmicroscopy.org.uk/ 
omero/wiki/UpgradeCheck.  (***NOTE: this facility is on by default,  
but can be turned off; see the doc for more info).

Please let us know any problems, wishes etc.  In general, please use  
the ome-users mailing list-- for more info, see


We have been using these applications in our lab for the last few  
weeks, so hopefully have most of the bugs.  If we've missed anything,  
do let us know.


What's New in OMERO3-Beta2.3?

Just a very short summary of what's all detailed at:




-- a series of performance improvements to accelerate image rendering
-- fixed a RE memory leak issue
-- copying rendering settings
-- updates to LDAP support

-- user-settable image compression for improving performance at  
remote sites with limited bandwidth
-- Conversion of the Category Group/Category system to a Tagging system
-- New search functionality for Tags, Tag Sets, Annotations
-- Smart folders by Date
-- Change location of Prefs/Settings to ~/omero

-- Import history 
-- UI updates
-- Change location of Prefs/Settings to ~/omero

Happy imaging (and have a great holiday!)



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