[ome-devel] Invitation to Open Screening Environment

Lukasz Miroslaw lukasz.miroslaw at pwr.wroc.pl
Mon Aug 27 07:50:29 BST 2007

Dear OME developers,

I represent a consortium that plans to submit a grant proposal to
FP7-ICT-2007-2, 5.3 call.
Karol Kozak from MPI-CBG in Dresden visited you once and his opinion
about your group was quite enthusiastic. This is one of the reason why
we would like to invite you to participate in our project, the OSE
(Open Screening Environment: http://sen.sourceforge.net).

The main aim of OSE is to propose an alternative to commercial High
Content Screening systems by integrating open-source software into a
one system.

One of our working packages would be to develop a standard to exchange
data between screens. Your OME-XML standard of annoting images seems
to be a good solution that we further would like to adopt to our needs.
We thought, that as you already have worked on this standard, you
would be interested in its further optimization.

Our coordinator, Manuela Pizzagalli (pizzagalli at fondazionepolitecnico.it)
from Fondazione Politecnico in Milan has prepared a draft project
proposal (see Attachment). The 'OSEWhitePaper.pdf' includes a shorter
version of the proposal.

We are looking forward to your opinion.

Best regards,
Lukasz Miroslaw, PhD
Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland
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