[ome-devel] creating ST's automatically

Bernd Jagla baj2107 at columbia.edu
Thu Dec 1 14:16:08 GMT 2005

Hi there again,


Since I didn't get an answer to my question about the STs here again a bit
more specific.


So I now have the analysis data in the importer object. I now need to create
some new STs and put the data into OME. I wanted to avoid creating all the
needed STs by hand and thought I could do this within the importer.


Can you please show me a place where this has been done already? And maybe
you could attach some thoughts on why and what has to be done.


Also, since I don't know before hand what will be in the analysis files i.e.
which columns are there in the analysis files, I would need to know how to
do this programmatically. I.e. is it possible to construct a string with all
the assignments? Is it possible to do this in a loop? Where is an example of


I would appreciate an answer very much.


Thanks a lot,





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