[ome-devel] install query

Ilya Goldberg igg at nih.gov
Tue Jun 22 21:17:03 BST 2004

Oh no!  Sorry about this.
I think we need to clarify this because this has happened to several 
Please don't download/unpack the OME distribution anywhere under the 
/OME directory.  The installer is designed to work from an 
administrator user's home directory.  An administrator user in this 
case means a regular user (not root!) who can issue 'sudo' commands.
The idea is that a unix administrator downloads the tar-ball to their 
home directory, unpacks it and runs the installer from there.  The 
installer takes care of the rest (making new directories, copying 
files, etc as necessary).  Some of the benefits of doing this include 
that the installer is better able to gather some of your information 
from the system this way, which results in less typing and more 
sensible defaults.

We will address this in the installer in our upcoming bug fix release 

Sorry this was confusing.  We tried to make it easier and more 
intuitive, but I guess there's still some work to do.

On Jun 22, 2004, at 6:28 AM, Alastair Kerr wrote:

> Dear all,
> I hope that this is the appropriate forum for this query. I am in the
> process of trying to install OME under Fedora Core 2. I seem now to 
> have
> all the appropriate programs and perl modules installed but I am 
> getting
> an error in he PerlModuleTask.log file:
> Please inform the author
> libtiff must be installed !
> (I have tried reinstalling libtiff but it still gives the save error)

This is also confusing because this part of the installer doesn't 
actually check for libtiff - it just says that it better be there.  
We'll remove this warning because it causes more harm than good.

> This is the error that it seems to choke on
> No -M allowed while running setgid
> (make: *** pm_to_blib error 29)

This is caused because the installer is located somewhere under /OME 
(or whatever directory you set to be your OME root).

> any advice would be appreciated

We greatly appreciate the feedback!  This will help make a better 
experience for everyone else (at the expense of your own, unfortunately 
- sorry).

> many thanks
> - Alastair


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